Who is M?

I'm the musician that owns this site. "M" is my screenname at a few music-related forums, and it's also my initial (how convenient).

What's the point?

This is an entirely hedonistic effort. You may find things of interest here, but the site primarily is intended to satisfy my musical pursuits and interests. I just want to publish things that I like -- sometimes works in progress, sometimes finished pieces, sometimes collaborations with other musicians from around the globe. In other words, total unabashed self-indulgence from my little home studio.

So, where's the music?

The music is on the mp3s page. There are other bits of interest on the o.p.p. page (other people's projects), and there are a few Steely Dan tributes on the covers page.

Thanks for stopping by.

Exile Collection CDs

The Exile Collection has released three CDs. The artists are a collective of people that frequent The Other Place forum. We're dispersed geographically around the world, but we collaborate and produce music together, online.

Interested parties can purchase CDs from CD Baby and can visit our Exile Collection website. If you're a MySpacer, you can also visit the Exile Collection MySpace site to hear excerpts from the CDs.